January 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Pasadena Wedding Photos | Swoon and Swagger | Sakura + Vince

Throwback Thursday Photo:

Halfway into their wedding day. After their Chinese Tea Ceremony at the Vince’s house. We drove out to the famous Pasadena City Hall for their bridal and group portraits. I walked all the way up to the very top of the staircase and shot this gorgeous portrait of Sakura and Vince. I asked my assistant Carlos to hold my off camera flash just beneat the winding staircase and outside the views of my camera. It took a few shots to get the shot I wanted but I could not be more happy to achieve the shots I needed for Vince and Sakura. While I was working with the couple, my 2nd photographer shot a majority of the bridal party.

vince and sakura during the bride and groom only wedding photos at the Pasadena Civic Center

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