February 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Waterfront Beach Resort Wedding Ceremony Photos | Swoon and Swagger | Cindy + Ian

Cindy and Ian's Wedding Photo First Look

I LOVE doing First Looks with my couples! One huge advantage of doing a first look (this is a very personal choice that couples must decide before a wedding timeline is even developed) is that I can a majority of all the important formal shots even before the ceremony starts.

First Looks are very fun, full of surprises, and at the same time, can be nervewracking too. Nonetheless, I photographed this really beautiful sequence right in front of The Waterfront Hilton Hotel in Huntington Beach. Right in the middle of Friday afternoon traffic in Main Street. Cars everywhere honked and drivers alike were congratulating them! Its definitely a surreal moment when my couples are adored left and right.

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